Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Round 3 is under my belt and I have 1 more round of chemo to go before I get some time off to just try to enjoy being pregnant. Then we all get to meet Baby K! This round hasn’t been too bad as far as the side effects go. I’m not sure if I have learned to manage them better or maybe I am just used to them. Nausea has never really been a problem. 1. They pump me full of meds and fluids the day of chemo to help prevent it and 2. the medicine I can choose from in my small pharmacy next to my bed works pretty well on the nausea when I do get any in the week after chemo. As far as the meds go, I am a bit more comfortable taking them. I still follow the less is more rule and avoid taking any medication if I can, but me and the baby are much more comfortable when I am properly medicated. The heartburn is well controlled now with my little white capsule that I take every night – thank you omeprazole- I can’t live with out you! I can feel the fatigue a bit more in this round. I tend to poop out in the afternoon and require a nap. But who knows if that is chemo or if it’s just part of growing a human. I’m sure it’s a bit of both. 

Right now I am in what we call “mid cycle”. It hasn’t been a big deal in my other cycles but it’s just another part after chemo I brace my self for as it does have the potential to be unpleasant and even land me a hospital stay. We all have red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets that make up our blood. Simply put, the red cells help carry oxygen and nutrients, the white cells fight off infection and sickness and our platelets help clot the blood. The chemo kills the cancer cells but it also destroys other cells in my body too. Like the cells that line my stomach and intestine which in return is what causes nausea as a side effect. The chemo has done a number on my blood cells and right around now my blood level will be a bit lower than normal. The goal is to make sure they drop just a little, too much is not a good thing. Not having enough red cells can leave me tired, weak and possibly short of breath. I need enough red blood cells to help carry oxygen to my baby and the rest of my body. That’s kind of important, wink wink. If I don’t have enough platelets the potential is, I bleed easier. Most likely you will see more bruising or little red dots on my body that look like a rash. Since I have been pricking myself in my arms 4 times a day to get my blood sugar – the prick marks have bruised. I look more like an IV drug user verses a diabetic pregnant lady with cancer. And lastly if my white count drops my little white body ninjas that fight off infection are no longer able to create a ninja storm if needed. Thus, leaving my immune system in the toilet, making me highly susceptible to any sort of germs lurking about. 

So lucky me for the next few days gets to hunker down and play germaphobe! I try to be careful, Ya know with good hand washing, limit hugs and kisses from friends and obviously no food or drink sharing. I am doing my best eating red meat and lots of green veggies to help keep my blood levels higher and smoothies with lots of antioxidants to help fight infection. 

My favorite smoothie right now is: blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana with spinach or kale, 3 prunes with ice and milk or coconut milk. I am also liking vanilla protein powder with orange juice and mango or pineapple and avocado. Taste like a creamsicle. 

A lot of you say I am looking good or I don’t look sick. Your all so sweet for saying  that. I am just following the rules. I try my best to eat healthy, especially now with the gestational diabetes. I am resting when needed and also staying active. And I thank all of you for supporting me and encouraging me to do all of the above. I thank God everyday that I am lucky enough to have the support system and ability to take care of myself and my baby the way I do. I know my situation is far from ideal but it could be worse. A lot worse! So I will just keep trucking along down this road, one hurdle at a time, with a stop in baby town and then onto my final destination of cancer free town. Beep beep! 

This is from yesterday… Braintree, my home town celebrated its 375th Independence Day and 4th of July.  Our town had a big parade, carnival and awesome fireworks. I thought I would show my support in red, white and blue! 

2 thoughts on ““mid cycle”

  1. cyndimom says:

    Jodi, your spirit is wonderful and it’s a blessing your read your blog. I went to the celebration of Life for a good Christian man yesterday, he lost his battle with kidney cancer. Like you he was a man of faith and his service was a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Praying that God in his infinite wisdom continues to keep you strong and your baby healthy as you fight this battle.


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