Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Can you see it?!?!!!! It’s growing again! And it’s… jet black.

 About 4 weeks ago I had Golden Girls, old lady, white… and I mean WHITE hair. It was sporadic, thin and baby soft. I couldn’t help but think, if I let it grow, I would resemble a Gollum like creature. Since it’s not Halloween, we (meaning Nate and I) decided to start fresh and shave it all off, again. 

 I have to give Nate a shout out. Once again, he has exceeded all husbandly expectation. When you truly love someone, you would do anything for them. I am sure Nate never envisioned shaving my head as part of our ‘for better for worse’. But he did it always with affection and acceptance. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything different from him… Especially since I scored on the best husband ever…. but really, it’s got to be a strange experience shaving your wife’s head eagle bald. Somehow he’s managed to be completely ‘normal’ about it (whatever normal is). 
Anyway, my hair is growing back and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now we wait and see if it continues to grow in black. I always wanted to see what I would look like with black hair. I always felt like I would be mysterious like with black hair. Short hair intrigued me too but prior to my diagnosis, I never had the cojones to cut it all off. Now, I’ve had short hair- which I’ve learned I’m clearly NOT a fan of (on myself). I have tried red hair, blue hair and lastly the bad ass no hair look. All of which have been ‘fun for now’, but I am totally looking forward to running a brush through some long thick hair again. That vision might not come to fruition till another year or so. In the mean time, I will pat my bunny, baby soft fuzz. No more bald eagle shaves, and hopefully Nate won’t have to ever shave my head again. Black, red, blue… it doesn’t matter. I’ve got hair growing and I’m stoked on it!  


6 thoughts on “Peach fuzz! Week 1

  1. Robin says:

    You have the cutest little bald head! And and way you shave it, style it, color it, it is beautiful! And you are right, you scored one great guy!!


    1. I did score! Thanks Wobin!


  2. cyndimom says:

    I just love your attitude, so postive!!! Praying all contiues to go well for you and your baby!!


  3. Linda says:

    Way to go Jodi! Yes, you do have a terrific hubby, in all if this ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’.
    You have come so far , and with a wonderful husband by your side, and you both are in the home stretch. Strong willed and strong minded… You are winning. You can see it in your eyes ,in that photo. And baby K is gonna be one strong, adorable little bundle of joy. And that cute baby may be born bald as an eagle, or baby peach fuzz hair or a full head of hair…black, brown , blonde, red? Well, probably not red. Yep, just like mommy😍.

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  4. Sandy Hill says:

    Bald is beautiful!!! It will be fun to see how your hair grows back in. I think of you often. Hang in there you are one tough cookie!


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