Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

 I am a  sucker for retail therapy! Let’s be real, there is usually nothing a little shopping can’t make better for me. I don’t care what kind of shopping it is, it all works for me- clothes (who doesn’t), shopping for gifts for other people. Heck, I even love grocery shopping. In fact, food shopping is one of my favorites. Probably  because it the only thing I can afford spending my money on these days. But shopping- love it! 

Monday I went shopping for something I never thought I would be in the market for, boobs! This was just the initial introduction to the selection process, so a final decision was not made on what the future of my breasts will look like. But, I know they will look dam good- better than what I have now. And since what I have isn’t to shabby- I think I will come in real close to Dolly Parton-woah, or the maybe one of real housewives. 

Nate and both went to meet with Tracey, the PA from Dr, Build a Boob’s (Dr. B.A.B) office. There was lots of options presented to us as we both sat and listened to them while casually fondling silicone and saline implants in our hands. I squeezed mine wondering if would feel anything like what was about to be removed, I squeezed it real hard seeing how tough it was and if it would hold up to a toddler beating the heck out of it. Seemed pretty tough. I’m not sure what Nate was thinking- poor guy has gotten waaaay more then he bargained for the past 9 months with a pregnancy, cancer, surgeries and now boob replacement.  Cancer don’t care.  But Iguess juggling  breast implants, meting doctors, appointment after appointments and going through all these surgeries is our new “normal” now. 

Prior to this appointment I can’t tell you the countless hours, days and nights I spent agonizing about making the right decision. Shouldn’t this be an easy no brainier, I mean come on, how hard is it to get rid of something that is trying to kill you? I have a few things already removed from my body- like my tonsil for example, but  I don’t miss them… And they were friendly! No no my friend, this hands down, by far, the hardest decision I have yet to make. It’s a lot harder than I ever imagined.  

I was thinking that both my ladies were going to be severed and put to rest. I just figured they both had to go so I wouldn’t be stuck in the end with one “Hollywood boob” and one 37 y.o boob. I didn’t want to be seventy with a sag bag by my belly button and the other up near my throat. But loosing them both just didn’t seem right… And the recovery for a double – NOT FUN! 

I met with Dr B.A.B’s  PA, Tracey. She strongly discouraged a double mastectomy- phew! Sigh of relief number one!  “Why cut up a perfectly good boob? You have plenty to work with and its a good looking boob to begin with”. That made me smile and I knew I liked Tracy. She proceeded to tell me that she can’t give me twins but she (and Dr build a boob) can create sisters for me- I’ll take it! Then they will continue to keep me as their patient and annually check my sisters and give me a touch up when needed all on Harvard Pilgrims dime.  Sigh of relief #2! Thank you Charlie Baker- I will be sure to flash you the final results next year when I see you walk by me and wave in the Braintree 4th of July Parade-JK (but maybe not JK… you’ll never know Charlie, so be on the lookout!). 

Tracey went through each option weighing the pros and cons of each. I get to meet Dr B.A.B next week and we will go over how he will rebuild me a boob the final and grim plans for my right side.

Overall boob shopping wasn’t that bad. I went in scared, upset almost terrified about my minimal choice of execution for my ladies.  But over all it was positive experience. I feel much better about my choices and the many many options I have now and in the future. 


4 thoughts on “Dr B.A.B part 1

  1. Jacqui/Dorchester says:

    I just saw your Fox News interview & just want to say that you are so brave & such an inspiration to so many women out there faced with the same disease & difficult surgical decisions. Being a twin & a carrier of the breast cancer gene I made the very scary decision to have a double mastectomy. I had the surgery on the 25 year anniversary that my mom had passed from breast cancer at the young age of 40. Thanks to so much research & medical advancements so many women can beat cancer. I got myself through it knowing that this too was only temporary & in the end I got some great looking boobs. Nice for me since I never had any : ) Thanks for sharing your story, keep up the brave fight & upbeat attitude.


    1. Thanks for sharing with me- we are all in this together! I am terrified of the mastectomy but I know it’s what I have to do. I would do anything for that cutie pie of mine.
      Happy holidays and cheers to 2016! 💕


  2. Marie Cruz says:

    God bless you and your family. I think your story is just so inspirational and as a daughter of a breast cancer survivor i know you can beat this!! God bless that beautiful little miracle baby and may you and your loved ones have the most blessed christmas! You are in my prayers.


    1. Thank you so much! I hope the same for you and your family. 💕


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