Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Tomorrow, Dec 22 I will be on fox 25 evening news. I was approached by FOX25 and that they wanted to do an exclusive on me and my story. At first I was reluctant to share any of this and welcomed a retreat into my own little sad world of cancer and pregnancy. But really, where would that have gotten me? And that got old real quick! Since I am a Chatty Cathy  by nature it felt good to talk to people about what was happening to me. Then my sweetbabysourcancer.com was born. It was a great outlet for me and another avenue to reach women in a similar situation. 

I have met so many women from all over the world through sharing. These are strong, powerful, courageous women who never  would be in my life if I hadn’t been as vocal and upfront as I have  been about my journey.   I guess it’s just one of those “perks” if you will about having cancer. We are all part of a the cancer club now- a club no one wants to be in but once your in it, we are all in it together. 

My goal through this is to continue to reach other women, be a help to them. Answer any questions or just listen. There is nothing that can ever prepare you for hearing the three dreaded words “you have cancer”. But, if there is anything I can do after those words are spoken to make the rest of their journey  different or more positive- sign me up or in this case- put me on tv! It’s just another way I am beating cancer. I look at my diagnosis not as cancer or a torchure sentence but as an opportunity. A chance to do things that not everyone gets to do. So, I get another 5 minutes or more like 85 seconds of fame on Fox25 evening news. 

What do I want to say to woman out there who are struggling?  I saw this on FB and I have tried to stick by it… Remember you are stronger than you think, braver then your feel and more loved than you know. Fight like a girl! 💗

I just want to say a little something about the reporter who interviewed me, Heather Hegedus. She was a genuine kind hearted person and I knew there was something different about her. The interview was so caring and I could tell it came from the heart. She helped me with Cora all through the interview even when the cameras weren’t on. I had told Heather that I had to make a choice about a mastectomy. A few days afterwards I got a text from her that was inviting me out to dinner. She went through the trouble to set up a dinner with her and one of her friends/co-workers who had gone through breast cancer last year and had a mastectomy. All so I could talk with her friend and ask her any questions I had.   Who does something so thoughtful like that? We went out to dinner and had a great time. Again, that cancer club bond was present.  But for Heather, the sincerity and kindness I found in her is unique and possible a rarity these days and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Thank you Heather! 


16 thoughts on “5 minutes of fame

  1. Cora says:

    The story caught my heart. I am so happy for you. I think it’s because of when you said he only gives us what we can handle, or it may be when I heard the name Cora. I don’t meet too many Cora but I cried when I heard your baby’s name. I wish you were Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I wish you health and you already have joy. Core is precious. Congratulations two.


    1. Thank you so much! Through all this we do feel blessed. Cora is the greatest gift of all. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too and Happy New Year! Cheers to 2016!


      1. Kelly says:

        God bless you and yours today and always😘😘😘
        More Prayers, strength, courage and anything that keeps you positive and motivated. You have a lot to live for😊


  2. Sharpen Haviland says:

    I just saw your story and wanted to let you know I had a similar experience. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I already had a 2 year old. Between July 31st and Dec. 17 I had been in a coma, had meningitis, emergency brain surgery and a stroke. I never thought I would have more kids but I did. My second child was born in 2007 and my third in 2009. I to had Kathy for a doctor and she is amazing. I recently had trouble and Kathy held my hand through it. Cancer is not a something you can give into. I hope you can stay strong and positive. Good luck. And congratulations on your beautiful baby.


    1. Thank you! You must be a strong woman too- seems like you had your fair share of challenges, but made it out on top. You inspire me that I may be able to have more kids. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and cheers to 2016!


      1. sharlen haviland says:

        It was crazy! But I stayed positive. I was told the type of cancer I had it was highly unlikely I would have more kids. But I did. It was amazing. My doctor was so surprised that I got pregnant then to carry to term was a shock. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. And doctors don’t know everything. If you want to talk please email me. I would love to chat.


      2. I would love to email and hear more of your story especially about having more kids.


      3. sharlen haviland says:

        My email is sharlen5931@gmail.com Message me anytime.


  3. Sharlen Haviland says:

    My name is Sharlen( I hate auto correct) Havilland.


  4. Debbie says:

    I stumbled on your blog. I was also pregnant when diagnosed with (advanced stage 3 Breast)cancer. My baby turns 5 years old next month. I hope the best for your family and your recovery. Enjoy your little miracle baby- God is so good.


    1. Thank you for sharing! I am glad everything worked out for you. Were you treated around here?


  5. I saw your story and I have a similar story to yours. In fact, I used to see you on the Maternal Fetal Medicine office over the summer. I always wanted to say hello. My mother was with me and I thought she’s got to be due close to me, based on belly size😀

    I was pregnant with baby # 2, diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, when I was 32 weeks pregnant in June. I started treatment in July and gave birth to my full term baby on August 1st, another girl we named Grace. I was under guidance of Dr. Economy as well. My Oncologist is Dr. Mayer. So far things are going well. I always wondered if and when you had your baby. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! If you ever want to talk, I’m your neighbor. We live in Quincy.

    Much love, blessings and hugs this Christmas


    1. I remember you very clearly! I wanted to say hi to you too!!! I was thinking the exact same about you. Darn it we should have said hello to each over and gave each other a BIG HUG!
      We must get together!


  6. Anytime Mama. You look fantastic. I’m happy you have a beauty baby girl to share the holidays with.


  7. maria says:

    I just saw your story and was truly touched. As a breast cancer survivor, I am happy to tell you that the hardest part is over. You’re little angel will continue to give you all of the strength that you need. God bless you and your family


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