Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Choosing to dramatically change your hairstyle is one thing, but when the choice is made for you it’s a whole new ball game. Loosing my hair, being bald and growing it back has been a true journey.  A journey to the inner depths of my soul where I found what true beauty is. I am posting this video for all the other woman out there who will loose their hair due to cancer. It totally sucked loosing my hair and it’s been even more tedious growing it back. There are times I look in the mirror and don’t recognize my post partum, post chemo self. Then I remember I was wonderfully created. It is just hair, the inner core of me is still the same. Things on the outside may have changed, but me, Jodi, has done her best to remain the same person. Me with hair, me without hair or me with new hair;  I am still the same person I have been all along. Cancer may have gotten my hair but I didn’t get me.  Click hair to see the video of my hair’s journey through chemo.

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