Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Once again breast cancer has shown how merciless and cruel of a disease it is. I will always remember Marisa Federico, that infectious smile of hers and her kind heart. Although we haven’t hung out since high school – we did reconnect – actually, now I am thinking about it it was probably, exactly a year ago and I will never forgot how gentle and encouraging her voice and her words were. We chatted a few times when I was first diagnosed with the same disease. She took time out of her day, her treatment, to make sure I was ok. She gave me hope and peace of mind when she I’m sure, already had enough “cancer” on her plate. A true hero. I drew my strength from her and continued on with my fight. Thank you Marisa- you touched me more than you will ever know. You gave me hope when I had none. 

Life is unfair and it breaks my heart over and over again of why she had to go to soon. I just want to hug all of her friends and family and tell them how truly sorry I am. I just want to scream out in anger, bitterness yelling why, why, why, f*%! You cancer!!!! But, that does nothing except fuel the nasty beast that cancer wants to turn us into. 

What I can do is promise, promise everyone I will continue to fight, fight for me and fight for Marisa. I will do everything in my power to continue to use our stories to help raise more awareness for early detection and raise money to help find a cure. I will continue to give hope to other women with breast cancer just as Marisa did for me. 

Shine down on us Marisa and know that you will never be forgotten. You continue to be present in so many of our lives you have given so much more that will never be forgotten and I will help make your legacy last. This is my promise to you Marisa. 


One thought on “My Promise to Marisa

  1. Diane says:

    So beaUtifully said. You are an inspiration too. My cousin Kristen was also taken WAY to soon. I sat with her the day the doctor told her there was nothing else they could do for her. Kristen looked at me, tears streaming down my far and said, “this must be so hard for you.”


    She pasted 3 weeks later, with dignity. Cancer did not take that away from her.

    Continue to fight. Thank you for this post.


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