Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

The results….

First off, I just want to say how loved and supported everyone has made me feel. All of the texts, responses and prayers were so overwhelming. You all really blew me away. I couldn’t possibly respond to everyone but I am very aware of all the shares and prayer requests made on my behalf . They carried me through one tough day. But, as tough as it was, I consider it a win. We heard good news!!! The prayers worked! We found out that my scans were clean and that the cancer has not spread and is contained! Can I get an AMEN?!! WHOOT WHOOT!! OH YEAH!!! Never been so happy to celebrate stage 3 cancer… feels so wrong but so right at the same time. 

I don’t know if you all believe in the power of prayer but after todays, well now yesterdays impressive surge on my behalf and then getting the good news…. we must of done something right! And just to confirm we did do it right we got a little sign … as I am typing now the bible verse of the day just popped up on my phone. Guess what it says??? I kid you not. It reads: When you pray go away and shut the door, pray to your Father in private. Then the father who sees everything will reward you.” I have goose bumps! What are the chances that’s the verse that pops up? I was rewarded alright… rewarded with my life! Although the cancer was upgraded from a previous stage 2 to a stage 3… I will take a stage 3 over a stage 4! I am virtually high fiving every one of you right now. Nice work people. 

It doesn’t stop here though…. we have another battle ahead of us and a long road to travel. I know you all are saying I beat this once, I will do it again… well, its back. So either 1. I clearly didn’t do a good job fighting last time or 2. I didn’t really beat it or 3. Cancer is sneaky little bi-atch so this fight is going to be even harder. Stronger meds, intense chemo-therapy, more surgery and lots of other “fun” stuff. Yes, I have been down this road before and know it all too well. And just because I have been down it before does not make it any easier the second time around. Knowing what’s ahead may even be a little scarier than going into this blind. It’s kind of like having a bone re-set that was once already broken. Not fun. We have a plan and I will fill you all in later . But I wanted to share the good news with you all before I went to sleep and sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. The world is still a good place because of people like you. May God bless you all. We are the storm!!!!

14 thoughts on “The results….

  1. Nilza says:



  2. owlmoonbead says:

    Stage 3 sucks but is better than 4. I seriously can’t believe how strong you are. You Will Fight This! I love you and I’m praying.


  3. Laurie Hannigan says:

    God Bless YOU Jodi and your beautiful family. I will continue to pray for you. Maybe the way to look at this is that you won your first battle and you didn’t realize there would be more. Now you must win the war!!


  4. Pamela Romano says:

    Jodi, sorry to break it to Satan but you’ve got a lot of crazy warriors here in Jersey and around the world praying.

    One of our greatest weapons is knowing who God is. He doesn’t dispense grace on the lottery system: ‘you hit the jackpot once, but that only happens once in a lifetime!!’ His well is bottomless, His store of mercy is unbounded by any limitations. Diagnoses, CT and PET scans have to bend to His will. He is only bound by His own character and promises. He will never leave us or forsake us. He can’t; it’s not in His character.
    Let’s celebrate Stage 3. Let’s celebrate cancer-free.

    Pam Romano


  5. Valerie Vetere says:

    Sending constant prayers and positive vibes to all of you!!! Be strong … I’m Jak’s friend and follow you often. Cora is a bright, shiny penny for sure. Thinking of you all.


    1. Thank you Valerie! We appreciate you prayers and well wishes.


  6. cyndimom says:

    AMEN Jodi, AMEN


  7. Vicky Wilson Adamson says:

    Jodi, you don’t know me, but I’m a “back in the day” friend of your MIL. Prayed for you through round 1 and will pray with you through round 2. Meanwhile, as seen in the post above: The joy of the Lord is your strength. He gives peace to those whose mind is fixed on him. You are right, it won’t be fun. Please know we are sending love and prayers. Lord, Be with Jodi and family as she goes through this valley again. Be her “right hand” and very present in each day. Give the medical team insight above their ability for her care. And, Lord, as we rest in your plan, we give you thanks and glorify You. Amen


  8. Jean says:

    WHEW…. Jodi, you know I can relate! It is actually eerie just how much I can. Just shy of my 5-year mark from the first breast cancer diagnosis, feeling super healthy and normal, and my routine MRI revealed a totally unexpected axillary recurrence that rocked me to my core. The absolute hellish waiting after the full-body scans. And then the elation beyond description of “only” having to deal with treating a local cancer recurrence was the most joyous news I have ever received in my life to date. I remember being there with my husband when I got the call, literally jumping up and down with happy tears, and not being able to wipe the smile off my face all day. Perspective, right? Then I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, physically, mentally, spiritually. More surgeries, more chemo, more radiation, still more meds and PT related to surgeries even to this day. Next up is potential cosmetic surgery, but at least that one is optional. It’s not an easy road, especially with three young children, and in your situation with Cora and another pregnancy. But it is 100% doable. Now, I can honestly say that I am thriving and so are my kids. I hope that it strengthens your faith and your fight to know that I just celebrated my 6-year disease-free anniversary since that recurrence. You have so many in your corner. You can do this, mama! xoxoxoxoxoxo


  9. Lynne says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please teach out if you need help with Cora or anything!! Xo


    1. Thank you Lynne. Will do!


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