Today’s prayer…

Please pray and share… I could use the love today!

Dear God,

Today, please continue to be with me. Please help my body cooperate while I get the medicine I need to live a long healthy life for me and my baby. Protect my baby from these medications. Please be with the doctors and the nurses. Give them wisdom to care for me and keep me safe during the infusion.

Also God, please be with my brother and sister in-law as they are currently on a plane with Cora today. Grant them safe travels, grant them patience and good will to care for her when I can’t. Please Lord, give Cora good listening ears today!!! And I pray that I am well enough to meet them in Florida tomorrow or Saturday. Lastly God, just help me deal with my mom guilt; that I am stuck here in a hospital bed instead of being on that plane experiencing her joy and excitement to travel and do new things.

Thank you for being here for me always and never leaving me. Thank you for showing up in my darkest moments. To you be the glory.


2 thoughts on “Today’s prayer…

  1. Lord, I pray that you grant Jodi her request for her to be able to successfully receive the treatment today. Lord, I pray that you give the doctors and nurses the wisdom to know how to protect her and her baby and that the treatment would work to stop the cancer.
    Lord, I pray for a special amount of your Grace for Jodi today,
    In Jesus Name,


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