Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

“You look so good”, “You would never know how sick you are”, “WOW! Looking great Jodi”….. Guess I am looking good these days. Must be the chemo glow on my face from the steroids and toxic chemicals in my body making it light up along with the pregnancy glow!

Truth of the matter is, most of the time I have been feeling good. Things have definitely calmed down after that rocky start. I have my moments of nausea but they are relieved by medications and then I can resume my day.

Chemo brain is a real thing though… there are no meds for that. So when I am staring at you and you are talking to me and I don’t respond… it’s the chemo brain. When I say I will call you or text you back and I don’t… chemo brain. When I say something that makes no sense…chemo brain. We just have to deal with that side effect, ribbit.

Yes! I somehow still have hair. After the way it fell out last time, I wasn’t expecting it to still be hanging around. Surprise to me, surprise to the doctors as well. They say its the pregnancy hormones helping me out in this category. It is falling out… but super slow. I’m not holding my breath… I still have about 10 more treatments to go. I pray it stays but I’m preparing for what I think is the inevitable. Been here before. Done that. Being able to keep my hair is all too good to be true.

Yes, I. AM. TIRED! My biggest complaint. Thank goodness Coras still naps because we cuddle and nap together everyday. Sometimes I get a few hours in ahead of her and then she comes and joins me for a few more hours.

So overall I am doing ok. Compared to some others who get chemo I am lucky. The docs told me before and said it again. “Pregnant woman do better on chemo than most other people”. Guess it really is true. Starting to have a few more side effects this week that are new. Like my hands feel like they belong to someone else. It is a strange sensation. They are a little floppy and have low muscle tone. Hopefully that will resolve, but sad to say, it probably will get worse. Most common side effect of the chemo drug I am getting is neuropathy in the hands and feet and apparently this is just the beginning. I see lots of dropped coffee mugs and smashed plates. I can’t imagine having floppy, useless hands for 10 more weeks. Let’s just hope I can hold that sweet baby boy of mine when he gets here and I don’t drop him, or even worse, a “hot water burn baby” incident because of my floppy, numb paws that can’t feel anything. Just kidding!

This is Chemo. This is cancer. You get up everyday and do what you have to do. My numb thumbs and fingers type my blog, here is no choice in the matter. Life continues on and so must I.


4 thoughts on “This is chemo…

  1. cyndimom says:

    HI Jodi,
    Love your attitude, so accepting and not letting it get you down, Praise God!!!
    I pray things continue to go fairly well for you, your baby boy, Cora and Nate.


    1. Thanks Cyndi! We appreciate the prayers. Keep them coming!


  2. Linda says:

    Hi Jodi,
    With your wonderful hubby right beside you all the way 💞


    1. He won’t leave my side! He is a keeper for sure💕💕💕


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