Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

Calvin is doing much better today… he has been extubated and only requires CPAP to help him breathe. He is much more awake now. His beautiful little eyes were open, staring at us this AM. Don’t ever underestimate the power of prayer. This little guy has turned the corner and is on his way to heading home with us before we know it!

For me, I am still here in the hospital too. With out getting into a whole bunch of woman stuff, I will say this; it’s a good thing that I am having my babies in this century with great medical care. Otherwise, I would have been one those poor women that died during child birth. I guess my body was just not made or prepared to deliver babies. Even in a well controlled, state of the art, top medical facility in the USA, there were complications with Cora and Calvin that label me with 2 “traumatic births”.

Honestly, it’s all behind me and have 2 wonderful children now, to pour my heart and soul into. I’m feeling stronger everyday. I know the last 3 weeks were insane with an abrupt stop to chemo, scheduled surgery, an unexpected delivery with more surgery and a new NICU baby…however we have accomplished quite a bit which means the end to this is even closer than before. That’s a blessing I will take.

Lastly, I just want to say how thankful, grateful and truly humbled Nathan and myself feel. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE has rallied behind us and supported us in ways we never expected; from the nurses, doctors, friends, family, neighbors, or complete strangers… With good there is evil and with light there is darkness… yes, we are in the middle of some pretty serious stuff right now, but that too comes with an opposite… an unimaginable experience of love and caring that can only be experienced in this kind of tragic setting. In other words the dark times are being alleviated by the incredible generosity and compassion that we are feeling from others; you have brought hope and light to our experience.

6 thoughts on “Baby Calvin…

  1. Sandy Hill says:

    He is so beautiful! You all continue to be in my prayers!🙏🏻

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  2. Meredith says:

    Continuing to pray for you all!

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  3. April Willis says:

    So happy to hear Calvin continues to improve and get stronger! Thank you for always being willing to share your journey in hopes to help and encourage others. Love and prayers from the Willis fam. ❤
    May God continue to use your story!

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  4. cyndimom says:

    Jodi, what a wonderful testimony you wrote, Praise God!!
    I am praying that both you and Calvin will be able to come home soon. I also pray that the surgery that was done for your cancer was a complete success.

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  5. Robin says:

    You are an amazing writer! You bring me to tears every time! I love you all!

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  6. Matt & Tara Willis says:

    So glad to hear that Calvin is progressing well. We’re still praying and sending you all so much love!


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