Sweet Baby, Sour Cancer

My journey through cancer and pregnancy, twice.

No more CPAP for Calvin! He is breathing all on his own now. Praise God! Prayers next that he will have good eating skills and able to gain weight. Boys tend to be lazy… drink a little and fall asleep. He has lost some weight since birth, which is totally normal. But it’s time now his growth curve starts to trend up. So he needs to gain some weight and eat solely from a bottle before he can come home.

I would write more but I don’t have the energy. And, it’s too upsetting to talk about while I am home now and Calvin is still in the hospital away from his mother and family.

3 thoughts on “C-ya CPAP!

  1. owlmoonbead says:

    I love the pictures and I’m happy to hear that he’s off the machine ♡♡


  2. cyndimom says:

    OH Jodi, what JOY to see him CPAP free, it’s a BIG step for such a little guy. I pray he learns to eat well and gains weight. If he is ready to come soon, perhaps they would move him closer to home, like to the NICU at SSH?????


  3. Pamela Romano says:

    Great, wonderful and praise God! Glad that he’s up on his own two lungs. We know he’ll be home soon, though not soon enough for you guys. Thanking God for his safe delivery and for your continued strength and praying for your complete healing, Jodi. Love all you Killeffers!


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